Nov.2023 30
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Guangdong Exten Solar Comprehensively Unlocks BAPV Waterproof Roofing in Hanoi, Vietnam
Recently, Guangdong Exten has completed the installation of BAPV waterproof mounting system for Vietnam EPC customer and successfully connected to the grid.
      Guangdong Exten Renewable Energy is a national high-tech enterprise which is dedicated to providing different types of mounting solutions for PV power plant investors, turnkey houses and installers around the world. Recently, Guangdong Exten 
has completed the installation of BAPV waterproof mounting system for Vietnam EPC customer and successfully connected to the grid.

     It is understood that the total installed capacity of the project is 676KW, located in Hanoi, Vietnam, It adopts the model of "installing photovoltaic power generation systems in existing buildings" and utilizes the idle warehouse roofs in the factory area
to build distributed photovoltaic power generation. The project is expected to generate 800000 kWh of electricity annually during grid connection, which is equivalent to saving 300 tons of coal and reducing 77 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in significant environmental benefits.

     The color steel tiles on this roof are quite old, and the overall waterproofing construction is completed without affecting the continued production of the factory below the owner. Exten Renewable Energy He has communicated with clients multiple times to conduct surveys and on-site measurements to ensure that the brackets meet the requirements of the local fire department in Vietnam. On the premise that the owner does not need to replace the original color steel tiles, Exten Renewable Energy BAPV PV mounting system solution is adopted to replace the old color steel tile roof, which can be waterproof and generate electricity normally, ensuring the normal operation of the factory. The owner is very satisfied with the Yiteng waterproofing solution. Through this cooperation, it has further increased the customer's confidence in the quality and design of Exten Renewable Energy, and vigorously promoted the development of the Vietnamese photovoltaic market.

    In the future, Exten Renewable Energy will further devote itself to the development of renewable energy. Exten will keep making contributions to renewable energy through the research and development innovation of PV mounting systems and continuous technological progress.